「天」/ "Heaven"
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「天」/ "Heaven"

1,980 JPY

※This is digital item



・AfterEffects ProjectFile Include(ver.CC2019) ・Size : 3840 × 3840 & 1920 × 1920 ・codec : QT Animation (with alpha) ・length : 10sec 気鋭のプロの書家書き下ろしのオリジナル筆文字に、描かれていくモーションを付けた素材です。 アルファ付き(背景透過)の素材なので、配置すればすぐにお使い頂けます。 どこのフォントにもないハネの個性や止めの力強さなど、あらゆる動画のあらゆるシーンであなたの動画をより個性的かつ魅力的にしてくれること間違いなしです。 It is a brush Kanji / Chinese characters written by a professional Japanese calligrapher. kanji calligraphy is written in motion. Because it is a material with alpha (background transparency), you can use it as soon as you place it. You will be able to make your video more unique and attractive in every scene of every video, such as the personality of the honey and the strength of the stop, which are not in any font.